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The taming of the Shrew

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Who REALLY wears the pants in the house, Ladies?

Hmmm, this is quite a sensitive topic for most women; however I thought I’d share with you my experience on being a dominant one , instead of being a Lady.
Life for me was difficult as a child, as my step-father was an alcoholic, and I hardly saw my real father so I had lacked proper discipline. My mom was either at work or cleaning the house [my 2 other siblings and I did help her], but she was understandably tired and irritated most of the time, so there was no time for her to teach us Love. 
Both my husband and I were raised in a world that taught that men and women are  equal; however, my mother, with 2 miserable marriage experiences taught me from both her words and actions that men were stupid and worthless.

I met my husband and we got married. Sadly, I carried the curse of “all men are worthless” into my marriage, by continuously criticizing the credibility of every decision that my husband made  [<----- link to youtube clip 1 from The Taming of the Shrew].

At the time, I couldn't see through my own arrogance, that what I was doing was wrong, and was the reason of why my husband didn't want to be at home with me and our children. In my mind, I thought, “Could my mom be right”?  I didn't want to believe this, as my mom and I didn't see eye to eye on many things in life, as her constant degrading of my father, step-father and comparisons of us [my younger sister and me] to them, lead us into many arguments.
Things gradually went downhill in my marriage, and my husband sought an “escape” from the degradation at home, caused by me. His “escape” route was an expensive and very traumatic experience for all concerned. Although drugs/alcohol is “the coward’s way out” for escaping reality; it did its work by removing the pain that I had caused by “castrating” him [metaphorically].

On the other hand, I was not coping either. I had my own “escape” route. Something was not right with my marriage. The ONLY marital guidance that my family and the church could offer me was to get divorced, which I didn’t want.
 I prayed one night asking God for His help as we were clearly headed for disaster.
God led me to a video to watch called “The Taming of the Shrew” starring Elizabeth Taylor. Although I had read the Biblical Teachings on the role of a woman, my understanding of HOW to be obedient was not there, until I “visualized” it in this movie; which was my aha” [enlightening] moment. [<-----link to youtube clip 2 from the Taming of the Shrew]
One day, a heated argument arose via e-mail between my husband and me. I expected a fight when he got home, so I asked God how I should handle it. He reminded me of what Elizabeth Taylor did in the movie in what was almost the same situation, which was to stop arguing with my husband; and submit to him.           
 My husband came home and entered the room that I was in. He said; “Okay, you want to fight, I’m listening”. My response was “No, you are right.”  The look on his face was that of SHOCK [who are you, and what did you do with my wife? – that type of look]. He then asked again “I know you want to fight, I’m waiting” My response was  “No, you’re right”. Again that same look of shock, followed by a moment of silence, followed by words from his mouth that I had SO LONGED to hear - with a look in his eyes and tone of voice of an unconditional love and compassion – “I love you”. It was such an enlightening moment for us both, that only once you’ve experienced it; could you understand.

It was an experience [I thought] could only happen in movies. RECEIVING, SEEING and FEELING that Love that is so real and fulfilling; it completely erased all the bitter, painful, unnecessary memories of heated arguments and failures of the past; when all that my husband wanted from me was to STOP arguing with him, and start SUPPORTING him. [<---- link to youtube clip 3 from the Taming of the Shrew]

I still find myself trying to take the lead again here and there; but my husband now FIRMLY and LOVINGLY guides my footsteps in the right direction.              [<----link to youtube clip 4

Thank-You Father in heaven.

I’ll end off with some words of Wisdom quoted from a book called “THIS IS A GREAT MYSTERY MARRIAGE GUIDANCE”
c) "a help meet"                  
At the time of creation of woman, the suitable companion for Adam, it should be noted that woman is to be man's helper. The one is the complement of the other, therefore they are a perfect unity, under Divine direction.

But after their act of disobedience, that unity is lost; the harmony between them becomes discord, and they no longer have confidence in each other. The man blames the woman for his state, and she blames the power that tempted her.
But, it could well be that in time; rather than acknowledge her crime and accept her own responsibility for it; she would blame the man for not preventing her action, so that a growing tension between them is inevitable.

Divine intervention with Law for this new condition of the sinning creatures, places authority in the man, and the woman hears the pronouncement, "thy desire [shall be subject] to thy husband, and HE SHALL RULE OVER THEE". (Gen. 3:16)
A supreme authority there must be to maintain order. When the unity of man and woman was obedient to the "I AM", there was peace on Earth, the ultimate authority resting on the One Source.

But in discord between man and woman and between that unit in separation from the "I AM", restoration of law and order must be movement from the Godhead to the creatures. So the demonstration of this is set up by the "I AM" proclaiming that in the first being (man) remains Authority, whether in Divine Presence or degraded, sinful humanity.
Obedience then to Divine Law is the means whereby the man and woman recover their contact with the "I AM", and is also the means of bringing peace between themselves. Thus unity, harmony and peace are again shown to be in obedience to Divine Authority.”

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